Summer 2019 advertorial image - Bercom HANDy Pro Pail Bercom HANDy Pro Pail - Designed with the professional painter in mind, the “big brother” to the original HANDy Paint Pail – the HANDy Pro Pail – has all the features to make any painting project easier!
Summer 2019 advertorial image - Flex Edge 2.0 Flex Edge 2.0 - Flex Edge 2.0 designed to complement the Radius360, easily handles a variety of sanding challenges with everything you need to take on the corners, tight angles, outlets, bumps, and more.
a new Graco Ultimate MX 1095 paint sprayer Graco - The Graco BlueLink Job & Sprayer Management System provides real-time jobsite and sprayer information to help you save time and manage your business more efficiently.
Summer 2019 advertorial image - Precision-Fiber® Cloth (PFC®) Paint & Cleaning Rags Precision-Fiber® Cloth (PFC®) Paint & Cleaning Rags - Professional painters know that a premium quality wiping cloth is imperative to completing a job quickly, and is the one painter’s tool no painter can do without. Intex’s PFC® Paint & Cleaning Rags offer game-changing performance and affordability.
Summer 2019 advertorial image - ROMAN - PRO-880 Ultra Clear Strippable ROMAN – PRO-880 Ultra Clear Strippable - PRO-880 Ultra Clear Strippable is the best-selling wallcovering adhesive in North America. Formulated for the widest variety of wallcoverings, PRO-880 Ultra Clear is ideal for installing most lightweight, medium-weight, and heavyweight wallcoverings, and may be diluted for use with pre-pasted wallcoverings.
Summer 2019 advertorial image - The Purdy® Chinex® Elite™ Brush The Purdy® Chinex® Elite Brush - Purdy® Professional Painting Tools – Purdy® was founded in 1925 on an uncompromising dedication to handcrafting premium paint brushes. Today, the same dedication to detail is evident in every handcrafted brush, quality roller cover and premium painting tool. Purdy’s newest offering is the Chinex® Elite™ brush – pre-flagged for better coverage and fast application.
Summer 2019 advertorial image - USG USG - USG ready-mixed joint compounds are drying-type products that are vastly superior to ordinary ready-mixed compounds and are preferred for consistently high-quality work. Specially premixed to a creamy, smooth consistency essentially free of crater-causing air bubbles, they offer excellent slip and bond, and easy workability.