Fall 2018 advertorial image of H&C® Heavy Shield™ Water Results


How one job can jumpstart many more. Looking to increase project sales with just a small amount of effort? Take a look around your current job site and you’ll see your next opportunity is right in front of you. How do the customer’s driveway, patio, pool deck or other concrete areas look? Do they complement the home or detract from its beauty?

Increase your customer’s curb appeal

After your terrific exterior paint job, the house looks great, but the driveway may look a bit dull. How about their patio, walkway or concrete front porch? Let your customer know that as long as you’re there, you could tie in all of these areas with a cohesive color scheme. Or maybe you notice that the driveway is not sealed. Your customer may appreciate knowing how they can extend the life of their driveway by doing so.

The great thing is, you only need one product to do all of this – H&C® Heavy Shield™ Water-Based Solid Color Concrete Driveway Stain/Enamel. stain It withstands vehicular traffic, tire marking and hot-tire pick up on high-traffic surfaces, all while providing excellent abrasion resistance that extends the life of concrete and masonry surfaces. With the option to tint Heavy Shield into hundreds of colors, your customer can choose the ideal color to add a polished look to their home while helping to protect their investment.

Expand their living space by improving their garage

Does it look like your customer spends a lot of time in the garage – a workshop, maybe? Used as an exercise room? Turning the space into a man-cave? Or maybe a place to show off their prized car? You can help your customer make their garage a cleaner and safer space with H&C® Shield-Crete® XL Garage Floor Coating. Shield-Crete XL is extremely durable and has maximum adhesion for long-lasting performance. Its high-gloss epoxy finish gives a showroom-quality appearance that’s a breeze to keep clean. It’s an add-on project for you and a big bang improvement for your customer’s bucks.

Create a pool-side oasis

Do your customers have a pool? Let them know that H&C® Acryla-Deck® gives decks and concrete long-life and is highly resistant to pool chemicals. And don’t forget to mention Acryla-Deck® with Cool Feel® Technology, especially if you’re in a warmer climate or if your customers want to protect the tender feet of little ones or pets. Cool Feel Technology reduces the temperature of concrete exposed to UV rays by up to 20 degrees F*. And its high-build formula limits the surface from becoming slippery compared to conventional pool deck coatings. To ensure your customers will be less likely to slip and fall, we recommend using H&C SharkGrip® Slip-Resistant Additive. Tintable to a myriad of colors, your customer can, with your help, create a backyard oasis.

With just a little bit of effort, you can increase your projects without investing the time to search out new customers. Next time you go to a job site, take a bit of time to look around for additional opportunities with your current customers.

*Temperature reduction may differ due to factors such as: ambient temperature, time of day, and the amount of direct sunlight on the surface.