Likwid Concepts—Innovative products for the painting industry.

Likwid Concepts

Likwid Concepts—Innovative products for the painting industry. “The Paint Brush & Roller Covers” are storage and protective devices that keep your brush or roller wet and ready for use between coats! “The Drip Clip” No more bent bristles! Now you can hang your brush after cleaning and easily avoid damage to your brush.

“The Paint Brush Cover” (Storage and Protective Device) —Do your brushes dry out? Do you waste time and money washing out brushes and throwing away ruined expensive brushes? Introducing “The Paint Brush Cover” which is made from a chemical-resistant polypropylene plastic, with a unique foam seal, that locks in moisture. It allows you to store wet brushes for hours, days, even weeks, without the need for washup. Whether you need a lunch break, have to pick up the kids from school, or just can’t finish the job in one day, “The Paint Brush Cover” solves that problem in a snap! It’s sleek, durable and stackable design stores standard brushes up to 3ʺ and allows for easy storage for your wet or clean brush at room temperature. “The Paint Brush Cover” was created to make the life of the professional as well as the DIY painter much easier, saving time and money!

“The Paint Roller Cover” (Storage and Protective Device) —No more ruined or dried out rollers. No more rinsing if you need to continue painting the next day, or even weeks later! “The Paint Roller Cover” with its unique airtight foam seal, there is no need to remove sleeve from frame. It easily seals around the handle keeping your roller wet and ready to use between coats without washup. Fits most rollers up to 9ʺ (9.5ʺ for Canadian).

“The Drip Clip” Wash, Hang, Dry! Three simple steps to maintaining your brushes. Your paint brush is an investment—help to make it last with this simple clip that fits onto your sink faucet. Comes in two sizes and will snap on top or front of most faucets, creating a place to hang your brushes to dry. Helps to maintain bristle integrity and shape, recommended for all types of paint brushes!

Likwid Concepts products are available at your local Sherwin-Williams store.