photo of paint contractor Allen Duda

Contractor Q&A: Allen Duda

Allen Duda, owner of Duda Painting in Bethel Park, Pa., has been working as a professional painting contractor since 2002.

Why I chose a career in painting:

I was tired of working at a desk day after day, calling and talking to the same people. I remember my dad as a painter, and I worked a lot with him. I wanted to go out and meet people, be active and make a difference. I like that I can make something look really good with a gallon of paint and a paintbrush, and enjoy doing it.

The biggest challenge of running my own company is…

…the paperwork and keeping records, and staying one step ahead of new rules and regulations.

My favorite part about running my own painting business is…

…the convenience. I can schedule my time around soccer and hockey games and school plays and activities – keeping my family priority No. 1.

The best business advice I ever got was…

…from my dad: “Do something you really enjoy doing and it won’t seem like work.”

What would you like to tell young people entering the business?

Having your own business requires time in order to get ahead. You have to be available for the customer at their convenience. Be fair, be understanding and offer your opinion only when asked. And always be honest.

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