Sher Payne, owner of Perfeck Painting by Sher, Midway, Texas

Contractor Q&A: Sher Payne

Perfeck Painting by Sher
Midway, Texas

The best and biggest turning point in the success of my business was when…

… I moved near my small town of Madisonville, Texas. My very first job here was for my neighbor. I did not know anybody in town but that was all it took for word to get around and from that day on I have never been without work.

The biggest challenge of running my own company was…

…the mere fact that in the late ’70s I was just a teenager – and a girl one at that. Back then it was pretty much unheard of for a female to do anything like that, but I loved doing it and with a lot of determination I pushed through.

The best business advice I ever got:

I don’t know that I really ever got any advice but I did get plenty of encouragement. My customers believed in me and were like my cheerleaders cheering me on until I believed in myself and that confidence is what keeps me going.

What’s your advice for young painters entering the business?

First of all, find your passion. Funny as it may sound, painting is mine. Take pride in your work. When I go behind a painter I can tell if the job was for the money or the love of the craft. Go the extra mile for your customer and don’t get nitpicky about the money.

Yes, we all need to make a living but there are just some things you just do just because. Help customers with the colors if you can. Do a follow-up call after after about 3 days just to make sure everything looks alright and to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Be honest and CLEAN UP YOUR MESS!!!! Leave their home looking more beautiful than it ever has before and you will always have a project to work on.

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